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I partly wanted to make this space so that I could gather some of John’s recent speeches in one place. John Ashton is a generous, subtle, visionary writer about a hugely complex subject. He is also a seasoned diplomat, and one of the very few people who can convince me that things are going to be alright, if we just trust our instincts to co-operate, to innovate, to explore  – and above all to protect the things that matter to us most in our lives . He can even make me smile in the middle of a 48 hour United Nations Climate Conference marathon, when the drink has run dry, tempers have worn thin and the only things left to eat are your own or other people’s words.

These speeches can also be found on the E3G website.

Sun on the Tyne

Our Choice Unchained: Climate Change, Growth, and the Baleful Power of a Modern Cult

Climate science and politics – where two worlds collide.

Cometh the Hour: Climate Change, Politics and Leadership in Britain Today

Climate Change: why you should be angry, and why anger isn’t enough