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In these two recent posts Miles King and I wrote about the possibility of aggregating funding at the local level to enable farmers to come together to protect nature and grow food for local buyers.

This pilot scheme in Dartmoor National Park has been brought forward under a CAP derogation (which goes to show that there is flexibility in the system if Government and Agencies push for it hard enough).  It was designed by Dartmoor National Park Authority and Dartmoor Commoners Council with support from the Duchy of Cornwall, Natural England, the RSPB, South West Water and the Ministry of Defence.

Most excitingly, the farmers themselves led the scheme design, using their local knowledge and skills to propose measures that would contribute to the good of their local place, through water quality improvements, carbon sequestration, nature and landscape protection.

I wonder if Devon retailers, hospitals, schools and local government would consider how they can support the commoners through procurement policies that focus on local food?